Natural Germacrene-D

Germacrene-D occurs in a wide variety of essential oil-producing plants but is difficult to obtain in a pure form and therefore not widely known. At Isobionics we succeeded in producing Natural delta-Cadinene by fermentation and offer it from today with a 85% ! purity

Natural Germacrene-D is manufactured by our proprietary fermentation technology (“Similar to brewing beer), we create stability and a cost price advantage. Our production process uses renewable materials and has a low carbon / energy footprint. Our products are pesticide free!

Delta Cadinene
  • Natural Germacrene-D is perfectly suited for a broad range of flavor applications in products like beverages and food as well as for use in personal and skin care prodcuts.
  • Taste: floral, soapy and green odor
  • Natural Germacrene-D is certified to be Kosher & Halal and Foodgrade.