About Us

Isobionics, founded in 2008 by Toine Janssen, is an ingredients company in the Netherlands developing, producing and selling a range of natural products in the flavour and fragrance market using its proprietary platform technology


This technology can produce many compounds such as: citrus oils (Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit), compounds like Valencene and Nootkatone, Sandalwood oil, Patchouli oil, … and many other less known basic building blocks for the Flavour & Fragrance industry.


The current supply chain of many natural compounds is unstable and characterized by high volatility regarding availability, quality and pricing. With our proprietary fermentation technology (“Similar to brewing beer"), we create stability and a cost price advantage.


Our proprietary technology converts sugar, dissolved in water, into Valencene (Orange flavour) or other natural compounds in a fermentation vessel. Traditional produced compounds based on plants are seasonally harvested. Therefore product availability, quality and price are varying and unpredictable, due to crop specific growth cycles, labor intensity of harvest, weather conditions and diseases.

Our production process uses renewable materials and has a low carbon / energy footprint.

Valencene fruit